An open letter to Mr Rajinikanth

Dear Mr Rajinikanth, First, accept my hearty greetings on your being conferred the Icon of the Golden Jubilee award of IFFI by the BJP government at the Centre. Of course, we are not treating this as an effort to paint you in saffron hue. Not that you wish it either. After all, you have made it clear, for now that is, that you will resist any such attempt, as in the case of Thiruvalluvar. Continue Reading

Hidden realities

We are either searching for hidden bombs or hidden agendas. Both are of explosive potential and can blow up all and sundry if not handled and defused with care. While bombs deliver instant death, agendas may take time to achieve critical potency and when they do.. Continue Reading

Ugadi, Naidu style

Naidu’s brief interlude with the geo-metric sounding equidistance all but ended yesterday as his party MPs voted decisively in favour of the Vajpayee government and thereby giving it the credibility of a true majority, and not merely a working majority dependent on abstentions alone. Continue Reading

The cup and the lip

The sudden developments that have come in the way of the formation of a Government at the Centre are at the same time a rude shock and a startling lesson to the politicians, political analysts and the people alike. The nation, after a spell of short-lived optimism… Continue Reading

Super Star’s Side Show

The first take was a disaster, having failed to evoke the fans’ hysteria as used to happen. The second take, yesterday, is an apology. The Actor known for his speed on screen appears to have lost his silken touch off it. The blasts that ravaged Kovai last Saturday continue Continue Reading

Kumaramangalam’s coup

That Congress is a sinking ship and is a fit case for desertion would be stating the obvious. Though, the exodus from this party of yore on a daily basis is a recent phenomenon, the erosion in its popular appeal had started long back. Having lost its stability slogan to the BJP and with too many claimants for the secular card biting away at its very roots, the party appears bankrupt in every way. Continue Reading

Stewing in their own juice

For those who did not doubt the veracity of the leaked version of the Jain report, its tabling in Parliament brings no surprises. This political bombshell of a report, which was ignited prematurely much to the chagrin of the UF government, had burnt itself out by the time it reached Parliament, Continue Reading