Trump plans to scrap preferential trade status for India, Turkey

President Trump notified Congress in letters of his ‘intent to terminate’ trade benefits for both countries under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) eligibility criteria. Continue Reading

US may end GST preferences for country: Reports

Such a move would further make matters worse between the two nations, reports have stated. It would also affect India the most as the country is the largest beneficiary of the scheme that has been in force since the 1970s. Continue Reading

US-China trade war sees India’s exports rise 32% to asian nation

In June and September 2018, the US announced high customs duties on several Chinese goods. In retaliation, China also raised levies on American goods. Exports to China had stood at $6.37 billion in June-November 2017. Continue Reading

Trade war: China to face harsh winter as growth decreases after a decade

With winter approaching, the Asian stock market has been rattled on consumer fears of a slowdown in economic growth, with stocks plunging to an almost four-year low this week. Continue Reading