Too many cooks and one bad chef

There could be little doubt that the UP Governor Romesh Bhandari nurtured his own personal agenda. It would be naive to think that the present imbroglio that has rendered yet another government defunct in that state took the incumbent of the Raj Bhavan too by surprise. Continue Reading

The quiz about a crown

It is an Indian tradition to respect elders. That an octogenarian, who has been active in public life for a good part of the century deserves to be honoured needs no elaboration. But then, it also happens to be an Indian tradition to overdo things a bit. Continue Reading

Strange rationality

The whole of India and that includes the Congressmen, is agreed on one thing and that is the absolute irrelevance of a doddering old man called Sitaram Kesri, who would easily qualify as the most criticised and most caricatured leader(?) in recent times. Continue Reading

Exorcising the exorcists

Corruption is at the core of India and Indianness. It is all powerful, unbeatable and unconquerable. The Prime Minister of nation said so, sometime back. The Chief Minister, apparently, skipped the newspapers that particular day. Continue Reading