Back to the past

From Allan Octavian Hume to Sonia Maino Gandhi, the Indian National Congress has indeed come a very long way. And in a totally different and wrong direction, one may add. The spirit of freedom and service to the nation that propelled the torch-bearers of this party of yore…. Continue Reading

A tale of two CMs

Bravo Babu, we are tempted to say. The AP CM has made bold to break an age-old political canon by proclaiming that he does have a permanent enemy. In doing so he has also driven home the last nail on the UF coffin by making it clear that never would he tolerate a Congress government with his support… Continue Reading

Caution is not weakness

Conflicts between the legislature and judiciary are not uncommon in a democracy. History is replete with instances of confrontation between the two institutions and one can easily spell out any number of issues in which the decision of one has been negated by the other. Continue Reading