‘News Today’ Editor T R Jawahar recalls association with ‘Crazy’ Mohan

News Today, Maalaisudar, Talk Media Group Editor and Chairman, T R Jawahar, a close friend of ‘Crazy’ Mohan who passed away 10 June, recalls in this video his association with him.  Continue Reading

Bond behind brotherly bailout

The closing years of the 20th century, particularly the pre-globalisation ‘80s, were the high point of entrepreneurship and enterprise thanks to just one person: Dhirubhai Hirachand Ambani and his Reliance Industries Ltd. Continue Reading

TRR – a leader among journalists

When TRR founded News Today in Chennai , he had embarked on a risky mission as eveningers had not succeeded after the collapse of The Mail. Even Tamil eveningers had only a fraction of the sale of morningers. Yet, News Today was a trailblazer, its news and analyses from TRR, being widely read and respected. Continue Reading

Continue legacy of TRR, TN Congress chief tells ‘News Today’

Tamil Nadu Congress Committee president Su Thirunnavukkarasar, greeting News Today on its entering the 37th year of publishing, congratulated editor T R Jawahar for his relentless service and following in the footsteps of his father, T R Ramaswami (TRR), a doyen of Indian journalism. Continue Reading

‘Press’ing issues

News Today, the precursor in print to the Talk weeklies, will complete 27 years of continuous, daily publication on Dec 7. The patriarch paper’s B-day is of course an occasion for happiness and hope: we are happy to have lasted this long in a treacherous ocean inhabited by political sharks and bloated whales; and we hope this luck will last. Continue Reading

Discovery of Nehru

27 May, 1964 — Jawaharlal Nehru’s last day on earth happened to be my first. My father, TRR, a great admirer of ‘Panditji’ or an admirer of the ‘great’ Panditji, as he would prefer it, promptly named me after the just-dead PM. So, I was among the first to be born into an India minus Nehru, the earliest possible member of the post-Nehru generation. Continue Reading