Time a Dozen!

There are occasions when pride is a legitimate emotion. We at Talk Media are truly elated that with last week we completed a dozen years of eventful and exciting ride as a corporate entity. What began with a single Talk — T Nagar Talk — has now grown and galloped to 20 Talks covering the looming length and burgeoning breadth of this wonderful city of Chennai and its suburbs. Continue Reading

Rama’s Rebirth!

Does the Ayodhya judgement(s) fall between two stools in an effort to appear at once legally tenable and politically correct? Can any verdict, that can only be a binary yes or no particularly in a title suit, imitate King Solomon’s decision vis-a-vis that disputed baby? Can law take a leap to faith? Is it the job of a court to at all find an ‘amicable’ solution to problems? Is the court an adjudicator or an arbiter? Continue Reading