The towering inferno

To Tamil lovers, 9/11 (Sep 11) is a reminder of a different tragedy, though there is something ‘explosive’ about this too: it marks the death anniversary of Bharathi, the firebrand poet who ignited the flames of freedom in a bonded generation and continues to stoke indignation, besides kindling imagination, in those who read him, even decades after his demise. Continue Reading

Tongue-twisters & twisted tongues

That ‘Rama’ and ‘Das’ are north Indian words is beyond dispute. In fact there was an ‘Aryan’ saint by name Ramdas, not to speak of more popular savants like Tulsidas and Kalidas. If anything ‘Ramadoss’ carries the unmistakeable imprint of Sanskrit, as do the words ‘karuna’ and ‘nidhi’. Continue Reading