China defends its atrocities in Xinjiang

The horrors of Chinese atrocities in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), in China’s northwest, are inexorably emerging on an almost daily basis. In response, China has continually changed its narrative about its mass internment of Uyghurs. Continue Reading

India’s economy to recover by 7.3 % this calendar year: UN

The United Nations sees the Indian economy recovering by 7.3 per cent this calendar year after a coronavirus-driven fall of 9.6 per cent last year. Continue Reading

India’s disaster response force to get UN tag

India could soon be a part of the United Nations (UN) mandated international disaster rescue operations as the country’s federal contingency force, NDRF, is expected to obtain a globally recognised standardisation later this year, a top-ranking official has said. Continue Reading

Is 2020 the most hottest year ever?

The year 2020 which shall never be forgotten for all the wrong reasons, is also on course to be one of the warmest ever recorded, one that could even top the record set in 2016. Continue Reading

Editorial: New, clear

The United Nations has announced that 50 countries have ratified a UN treaty to ban nuclear weapons triggering its entry into force in 90 days, a move hailed by anti-nuclear activists but strongly opposed by the United States and the other major nuclear powers. Continue Reading