No action replays, please

So, is the fight against corruption history? The calendar may have moved forward, but the clock certainly looks to have been put back on that count. In fact, things look way behind where it all actually began.

And are the politicians the only villains? A natural conclusion indeed if one were to go by the cooked up midnight masala. Continue Reading

Mid-summer day-dreams

The political Sun may have set but the real one is at its blazing best. As Chennai reels under its relentless assault, even the white collared AC dweller gets dragged into an afternoon siesta. It was perhaps during one such sleepy sojourn that the ensuing (day) dreams might have emanated. And I am pretty sure, these dreams are shared by all fellow denizens. Continue Reading

Guru Gazing

Spirituality is all about God-realisation through a process of self-realisation. But is self-learning the most appropriate mode for that? Is it an option at all given an individual’s intellectual limitations? Bharath’s spiritual systems and scriptures unambiguously prescribe taking a preceptor’s guidance in one’s other-worldly quest. Continue Reading

Bridging the big divide

Come Budget ‘06, it will be sixteen years on the trot for reforms and liberalisation, often referred to as Manmohanomics. The man who engineered this economic coup of sorts and pulled India out of its self-imposed socialist shackles is now the PM. Continue Reading