Nirmala Sitharaman hits back at Manmohan Singh on economic crisis

Recalling when and what went wrong during a certain period is absolutely necessary, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said, targeting former Prime minister Manmohan Singh for accusing the NDA government of always trying to put the blame on its rivals. Continue Reading

Contempt of people’s court

Paradoxically, the judiciary has landed itself in the dock. The sickening slanging spree in its higher echelons and exposure of its dark political underbelly stemmed from its own ranks. Now, it is not just about some ex-judges and their past acts. The question naturally arises on what skeletons will tumble out when current judges turn ex. The judicial system has all five fingers pointing inwards for a long time to come. Continue Reading

Calm before storm

Tiring. A simple but apt term that describes the over sixty-day grind, that leaves an entire nation panting for breath. All the thrills of a throbbing democratic exercise that involved a billion people were present in great abundance throughout, but at the end of it all, the overwhelming thought is: Thank God, it’s over! Not just the populace who have decided their own fate as also that of politicos, but the politicos themselves, would deem the relief, albeit brief, most welcome. Of course, it is not yet over for the EC till the smooth transport of EVMs and the counting itself are done with. Continue Reading

Migration season

Political bird-watching as a pastime is always such fun. Typically, poll times always trigger the migratory instincts of politicos and the current season is no exception. This week particularly displayed a marked escalation of activity across many party aviaries. The political air is suddenly thick with heavy, haywire traffic. Continue Reading

Democracy at dead end

The week started ominously enough. The bankers’ strike on Monday and Tuesday was quickly followed as in a relay by two days of strike by Central Government staff of TN. But then all that pales in comparison to the paralytical strike that the Centre itself has lapsed into, what with a rowdy Parli and a dysfunctional administration looming over us. Continue Reading

Corruption ‘cowed’ down

Lalu always loved cattle. He enjoyed playing the rustic villager, the humble simpleton who rose against the mighty feudal lords of his land, and in all this he invoked bovine intervention very liberally. His animal farm was the launching pad for his foray into the political stage. But then he stretched his addiction to livestock a bit too far. He stabbed those very backs that helped him ride to power. Lalu looted in their name and what was due to them. Continue Reading

The Mystery Beyond Missing Files

That files relating to a serious multi-crores scam can go missing from that ministry’s archives is itself sinister. But the lost files point to a larger loss: Missing character of the rulers, as a consequence of which people’s trust in public individuals and institutions have also gone missing. The nation indeed has lost something more valuable than money. The depletion in values and confidence levels beats the depreciating rupee hands down! Continue Reading