Consul General, Minister visit USAID sites in Madurai

US Consul General Chennai Judith Ravin and Tamilnadu Finance Minister PTR Palanivel Rajan visited Madurai Tuesday to interact with women micro-entrepreneurs supported by the US Agency for International Developmentā€™s (USAID) Producer-Owned Women Enterprises (POWER) project, which creates employment opportunities and empowers women from marginalised communities. Continue Reading

Focussing on health and wellbeing

Health and well-being is a field that garnered so much attention during the pandemic. Many developments are taking place on this front almost on a daily basis and here are some of them. Continue Reading

Officials brief US lawmakers on Covid-19 assistance to India

An interagency team of officials has briefed US lawmakers on America’s Covid-19 assistance to India who then urged the Biden administration to make the military available to bring additional urgent medical supply donations to the country. Continue Reading