Will respond decisively if Russia invades Ukraine: Biden

Urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to de-escalate tensions with Ukraine, US President Joe Biden during his 50-minute phone call with the former made clear that Washington, its allies and partners will respond decisively if Russia further invades Ukraine, said White House. Continue Reading

Pushing Covid-19 boosters, Biden says ‘we need to be ready’

With rising numbers of Covid-19 cases predicted this winter, President Joe Biden on Thursday appealed for Americans to get their boosters and get behind his plan to tackle the new omicron variant through wider availability of vaccines and shots, but without new major restrictions on daily life. Continue Reading

Xi talks tough at summit with Biden

Striking a tough posture at the much-awaited virtual summit with his US counterpart Joe Biden on Tuesday, President Xi Jinping said that China will certainly defend its sovereignty and security interests as he warned that whoever plays with fire over Taiwan will get burnt. Continue Reading

Editorial: US & China

No breakthroughs were delivered during talks between Chinese leader Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden, but the cordial tone of the virtual meeting is an indication that relations between the sides may be turning a corner — even if that means for now merely walking back from the heated exchanges of earlier this year. Continue Reading

Florida sues Biden over contractor vaccine mandate

The US state of Florida on Thursday sued President Joe Biden’s administration over its coronavirus vaccine mandate for federal contractors, opening yet another battleground between Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and the White House. Continue Reading