US, China clash over South China Sea at UNSC meeting

The US and China on Monday clashed during a high-level meeting on maritime security chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with Washington asserting it has seen ‘provocative actions’ to advance unlawful maritime claims in the South China Sea by Beijing which retorted that America is not qualified to make ‘irresponsible remarks’ on the issue. Continue Reading

‘Afghans will continue to suffer after forces withdrawal’

Afghans, as victims of the so-called US-led war on terror, would continue to suffer after the withdrawal of the American troops, according to a political analyst. Continue Reading

US, Russia move closer on n-arms control deal

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has pressed for immediate negotiations with Russia to finalize a verifiable agreement as the two sides seem moving closer to extend a key nuclear arms control treaty. Continue Reading

US, Russia hold new nuclear arms talks

American and Russian negotiators have concluded a round of nuclear arms control talks in Vienna, aimed at producing a new agreement to replace the New START treaty that expires in February — the last remaining pact constraining the arsenals of the world’s two major nuclear powers. Continue Reading

Search for a COVID-19 vaccine heats up in China, US

Three potential COVID-19 vaccines are making fast progress in early-stage testing in volunteers in China and the U.S., but it’s still a long road to prove if they’ll really work. Continue Reading

US shuts down border with Mexico and Canada

The US has announced the closure of its northern border with Canada and the southern border with Mexico for all non-essential travel from 21 March. Continue Reading

Biden sweeps three US states

Former Vice President Joe Biden has claimed victory over Senator Bernie Sanders in the crucial primaries in the three US states, inching closer in the race to become the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to face President Donald Trump in November’s election. Continue Reading