#Metoo – This time from newsrooms

The second innings of #metoo movement started off with actress Tanushree Dutta opening up about actor Nana Patekar on how he sexually harassed her some 10 years ago.

While many asked why she did not open about it earlier on, many actresses stood by her and raised their voice for her.

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Flyover in Chennai to be built at a cost of Rs 360 crore

In addition to MGR flyover in Porur and overbridge at Manapakkam, this overpass will be the third major bridge that will be constructed in this area to reduce traffic chaos. Continue Reading

Chennaiite reminisces I-Day celebration during his childhood

A number of institutions insisted its students oppose whites and protest for our nation’s freedom. Our school is one among them. In spite of Britishers banning us not to render freedom songs, they made us sing Continue Reading

Chennai govt school teacher aims to make it on par with pvt schools

“Parents are now driven towards private schools, thinking only education is going to make their children come up in life. Pushing a student too much into academics is not going to help them,” points Pazhaniswamy. Continue Reading

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil contestant Aishwarya plays hateful dictator

This week, contestant Aishwarya was elected captain. Yesterday, for the luxury budget’s task, Aishwarya was asked to lead a dictatorship government in the house along with Janani as her advisor and Daniel as her security personnel. Continue Reading