Vadapalani residents ask better stormwater drains, roads for monsoon

With rains lashing city for the past few days, the Meteorological Department announced the onset of North-East monsoon this week across Tamilnadu. Residents in the neighbourhood are in hopes of a beneficial season. Resident Welfare Associations have taken steps to rope in rainwater harvesting systems in their homes while some activists continue to promote the cause of saving water. Continue Reading

Soothsayers in Chennai talk about their hard life

While passing through the Palani Andavar Street opposite the massive Murugan temple in Vadapalani, you’ll see several street hawkers going about their business, talking to customers, bargaining and selling items like garlands, snacks, clips, hair pins, combs, and many other items. But in the middle of all this chaos are the fortune-tellers who occupy the pavements along with parrots in cages or a deck of cards. Continue Reading