Tanzanian gets relief from pain after 14 years

Chennai-based SIMS Hospital has put an end to 38-year-old Tanzanian patient’s pain and misery of 14 years caused by a more than 1 kg weighing Ameloblastoma in the lower jaw. Lack of early medical intervention and diagnostic facility in his country, made it difficult for him to chew and eat his food, which in turn affected his overall quality of life significantly. Continue Reading

Saligramam resident makes recyclable products from plastic

When Rakesh Ganesan, a resident of Saligramam met Amit Roy of Kolkata during a trip to the North East, the connection was spontaneous as the men had two passion in common – to travel and to work extensively on environmental cause. They now teach sustainable living, focusing on reducing plastic consumption. The duo have started a small initiative – making recyclable products. Continue Reading

Volunteers walk for plastic to keep Chennai clean

For the past few weeks, calls for climate change is echoing across the globe. With pollution spiraling out of control, several activists cry for measures. Numerous environmentalists and citizens in our city have also started initiatives to combat global warming. Engineering graduate-turned-artist, B Gowtham’s campaign ‘Walk for Plastic’ has caught Chennai with volunteers turning up to collect plastic waste on the road. Continue Reading

Vadapalani resident collects ancient artifacts

If you step into Samy Durai’s shop on Arcot Road, Vadapalani you are greeted with ancient artifacts. Two large gramophones are placed at the entrance along with a tall telescope that looks as if it’s out of an encyclopedia. Samy’s small store is filled with interesting objects from idols to coins and from tiny toys to old pots and clocks. All his collections come with a story of their own. Continue Reading

Chennai to receive more showers

While Chennai and suburban areas received showers this morning, the Regional Meteorological Centre has predicted light to moderate rain at many places over Tamilnadu and Puducherry. Continue Reading

Demand for marble Vinayaka high this time in Vadapalani, Chennai

If you happen to visit Vadapalani Murugan Temple and its surroundings, you are bound to witness several idols of Lord Ganesha flooding the pavements and entrance of shops. Continue Reading

Chennai resident wins Mrs India Beauty contest

G Gayathri was crowned Mrs India Beauty at a contest conducted by Dazzle in New Delhi. Gayathri is a woman wearing many hats. A software engineer by profession, she has worked in Germany for a couple of years. Continue Reading