The Lotus Hocus Pocus

It is easy to attribute the UPA’s ascension to power to an arithmetic accident. But the BJP’s sordid show at the hustings cannot be explained away in a similar vein. The Cong’s victory claim may not be so convincing, but the fact remains that the BJP has lost, gross and square. Continue Reading

PM, who?

The race for Race Course Road is well and truly on. The parade of wannabe PMs cuts across parties, ideologies, age, gender and, not the least, stature and ambition. Clearly, the PM’s gaddi looks to be the easiest to aspire for, even though the path to it may be littered with political potholes, thorns, hurdles and even minefields. Continue Reading

The Poll Pot brimmeth over

If 1952 were to be taken as the starting point of electoral democracy and had elections themselves stuck to the Constitutional calender of 5-year-intervals, India should have gone through 12 elections by now. But we may well be staring at the 15th, come 2008, if current political trends are any indication. Continue Reading