As the State scoots…

The appointment of ‘neutral’ mediators to negotiate with Kashmiri separatists on behalf of the Indian State is a sordid act of abdication. Now, why does the State need interlocutors to deal with its own subjects? After all, governments are elected to govern. But if they were to outsource this constitutional function how then do regimes justify their existence? Continue Reading

A free for all

In these days of media activism and unbridled press freedom which virtually covers everything under the sun, especially after the advent of the Sun, we in News Today thought it prudent to sail with the tide Continue Reading

Journos of the world unite!

I swear I am not going to write about Veerappan today. If the brigand thinks that by kidnapping a few from my fraternity, he can just walk into these columns, he is sadly mistaken. Does he believe that I do not have even the minimum gumption to refrain from writing about him Continue Reading

NT investigative team beards the lion in its den

I am already free, why do I deel amnesty: Veerappan

It was the dead of night and an eerie silence prevailed at the camp on the outskirts of Devil’s Domain, the forest where the dreaded and hence revered brigand Veerappan was said to be hiding or say Continue Reading