Diets & CO2 emissions: India leaves low carbon footprint

Greenhouse gas emissions associated with national dietary guidelines advocating a healthy diet vary greatly between countries, with US guidelines having the largest carbon footprint and India having the smallest, according to a study involving seven countries. The study was published in the open-access Nutrition Journal. Continue Reading

New research stresses on importance of fruits & vegetables in everyday diet

If you are scouting for a magic potion to live a longer and healthy life, try five daily servings of fruits and vegetables, in which two are fruits and three are vegetables, according to new research that combed through studies representing nearly 2 million adults globally. Continue Reading

‘New cold storage to reduce agricultural wastage’

The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), which helps to increase the production of agricultural produce in the country through its research, is now working on preservation of these products too. The institute has made a refrigerator- Pusa Farm Sun Fridge – which can preserve up to two tons of fruits and vegetables. Continue Reading

MV Hospital for Diabetes launches endocrinology clinic in Chennai

Every person with diabetes should be helped to lead a normal span of life in perfect health, said MV Hospital for Diabetes head and chief diabetologist, Dr Vijay Viswanathan. Continue Reading

The nation on diet

Let us eat grass! Reportedly rich in vitamins- as the cows would vouch for- indeed it is time we made it our staple food. Surely, the bovine creatures would go up in arms, all four, in righteous indignation Continue Reading