‘Sustainability challenge’ for better environment

Shyam Sundar (14) and Sandeep (10), brothers, living in 20th Street at Tansi Nagar, Velacheri don’t know Greta Thunberg, a young world-renowned environmental activist, in person.

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No place for pedestrians to walk at Velacheri

It seems to move around in Velacheri, a pedestrian needs to face a number of hurdles, including finding a footpath to walk on. The lack of pavements and the existing ones being encroached upon is a perennial issue in the locality. Continue Reading

Plea for micro-composting centre at Velacheri

One of the perennial problems of Velacheri is solid waste management. Even if all the residents take an effort to follow segregation at source, it will not prove beneficial if the waste is left untreated at the dumping yard. This is why a micro-composting centre (MCC) in Velacheri will be beneficial. Continue Reading

16-year-old of Velacheri wins State level Yoga competition

A bunch of neighbours and family members gathered around Madhu Preetha G at her residence in 14th Street, Tansi Nagar, Velacheri. Continue Reading

Dandeeswaram temple gears up for Sivarathri

On the special Mahasivarathri day, which comes this year along with the pradosham, special 1008 kalasa pooja and rudraparayanam along with four – kaala pooja will be performed today at the Dandeeswaram Temple, one of the oldest temples in the city.
The temple is said to have been more than 1,000 years old and has a rich history and many specialities. It is located at Karunabigai Colony, Velacheri. The temple has three entrances and upon entering the main mandapam, one can worship lord Dandeeswarar in linga form with the idol facing east. Continue Reading

Pay just Rs 40 as consultation fee

A trust-run hospital has been serving people, especially senior citizens, who need to pay just Rs 40 as consultation fee. Dr Guruswamy Mudaliar Memorial Dispensary at Pillayar Koil Street is run by Velacheri Dhandeeswaram Voluntary Health Services Trust and is into service for the past 23 years. Continue Reading

Velacheri Police station, cleanest in South Zone

Velacheri Police Station on Gandhi Road is in the news for all the right reasons. The station has been garnering attention since the massive renovation the premises underwent last year. A few days ago, city Commissioner A K Viswanathan, recognised the station for being the cleanest in South Zone by giving an award. Continue Reading

Velacheri residents welcome Corporation’s new initiative to collect green waste

Several families, gated communities and residents associations in Velacheri had stepped forward in the past to promote and follow segregation of waste.
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Velacheri residents cheer as there was no water logging

Velacheri is a flood prone locality and it is a cause of concern for many. But this time when rains lashed across the neighbourhood, residents were at ease, thanks to the civic body which laid Stormwater drains (SWD) in several areas ahead of the monsoon. The recent rains were a testing for the new facility.

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