Positive atmospherics as Modi, Xi meet in Mamallapuram

In the backdrop of the seventh century monument of Pancha Ratha, overlooking the Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping today took a stroll and sipped fresh coconut water in a relaxed informal setting, creating positive atmospherics in bilateral ties strained over the Kashmir issue. Continue Reading

Veshtied interests

At first sights it seemed silly why everyone got so worked up over the dhoti issue. But since everyone is so worked up, there must surely be something behind all that silliness. After all, the matter has dogged the judiciary and legislature and bogged down the media for close to a week. Above all, I am basically a dhoti guy at home and at home in dhoti in public places too. Yes, I have no choice but to wring up my dhoti in all righteous indignation and spring into action by jumping into the ring. Continue Reading

Hello,who are you?

Thackeray being Thackeray would not have thought twice about bowling a fast one at Sachin. And Sachin being Sachin too would have no problem in hitting this rather bad Bal for a six. Even if he doesn’t, the rest of the country, being what it is – crazed by cricket and dazed by its champions -, will do it for him. So we will not agitate over this raging all-India debate about what goes into being a Marathi Manoos. Continue Reading