Bigg Boss-3 seems to lose grip with same topics over and over again

While it was Aarav and Oviya in the first season, Yashika and Mahat in the second, the third season brings you a triangle love story involving Sakshi, Kavin, and Losliya. Continue Reading

Bigg Boss – 3: Is Kavin the next Mahat?

Last week’s eviction from Bigg Boss – 3 house was a major setback – well, that’s not for the housemates or the audience, but for the meme creators. One of the toughest competitors, Vanitha Vijayakumar, got evicted. Continue Reading

‘Big Boss’ contestant Meera Mithun gets anticipatory bail in cheating case

The Madras High Court yesterday granted anticipatory bail to film actress Meera Mithun, a contestant in the ongoing TV reality show Big Boss-3 Tamil, in a cheating case filed against her. Continue Reading

Bigg Boss inmate Vanitha spews hatred on screen, earns it outside, too

‘This Vanitha (one of the Bigg Boss housemates) is the one who should be kicked out of the house this time.’ This was a conversation at a movie theatre by a couple of people, in the middle of a film. Continue Reading

1 more ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant, Meera Mithun, on wrong side of law

Meera Mithun, one of the 15 contestants in the reality show, is facing allegations of cheating a Chennai resident.
According to reports, Meera is said to have cheated T Nagar resident Ranjitha of Rs 50,000 claiming to conduct fashion shows in the city. Continue Reading

Telangana cops grill ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Vanitha in kidnap case

“This morning, after meeting higher officials, an inspector of police from Telangana had come to meet inspector of police Nasarathpet, Illango. Two members of the complaint party had also come. They went to the EVP Film City where the show takes place and quizzed her for two hours,” a police source said. Continue Reading

Should MNM party leader Kamal Haasan not work on Bigg Boss?

‘I cannot understand why people keep questioning MNM founder Kamal Haasan hosting Bigg Boss. It is a profession and it should not be confused with politics. Being in politics does not mean that you should not do any other work.’ Continue Reading

Big Boss 2 Tamil: Dictatorship ends in a dunk

The 3-day humiliating task, where contestant Aishwarya was asked to lead a dictatorship government in Bigg Boss 2 Tamil house came to an end yesterday, after ‘people’s revolution’ demanding a democratic country. Continue Reading