‘Coronavirus is airborne’, over 200 scientists urge WHO to revise recommendations

As many as 239 scientists from 32 countries have urged the World Health Organization to revise its recommendations while outlining evidence showing that the novel coronavirus in smaller particles in air can infect people. Continue Reading

Angela Merkel urges world to work together

The global coronavirus crisis would be overcome faster and better if the world works together, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said during the 73rd session of the World Health Assembly. Continue Reading

COVID-19 not manipulated or constructed: WHO

All available evidence to date suggests that the novel coronavirus has a natural animal origin and was not a manipulated or constructed virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) said. Continue Reading

Coronavirus: Tamilnadu on high alert

The novel coronavirus has caused global scare and several countries have stepped up the virus scrutiny and in Tamilnadu, all the airports and ports are on high alert to screen the microorganism. Continue Reading