Making sense of insensitivity

What does ‘being sensitive’ mean? The term in common parlance refers to a positive trait. The scale of sensitivity applies to both individuals and society. But when the term finds usage more in its opposite form, prefixed by the ominous ‘in’, does it mean ‘insensitivity’ has become the popular norm, for a person and the populace alike? Well, words arise from social and political wellsprings and insensitivity does seem the order of the day. Continue Reading

When protest is the pain

It is always in the name of aam aadmi! He is the rallying point, be it for the Government, opposition or activists. But with so much of ears and tears directed at his plight, is he any better? Indeed, the real question is not that, but what hurts him more, the official policies or the ‘protests’ targetting them! Continue Reading

Barking up the wrong tree

Minority politics is perennial fare in India, but it peaks at poll time for that’s when secular politicos call in favours from their, er, well, most favoured constituencies. While on paper, the Constitution and electoral guidelines expressly prohibit candidates from seeking votes in the name of religion, strangely those nurturing minority vote banks are deemed exempt. Continue Reading