Where is the FM?

Posted on   2:51 pm

Last year same time, when Covid was in its nascent stage and the nation under lockdown, the Government pompously announced a slew of economic measures of which only a few were of any worth to the people.

The bluff that boomerangs

Posted on   4:59 pm

It is our turn to get ‘wicked’. The Tamilnadu Chief Minister’s certificate to himself about his nationalistic credentials does provoke cynics like us to take a peep into his past Of course, quite a few enquiry commissions havedone this before,

All fall down

Posted on   5:35 pm

The Maharashtra imbroglio has turned out to be a nemesis for all the political players there. Besides, a few Constitutional offices have also been tarred in the process.

An open letter to Mr Rajinikanth

Posted on   5:28 pm

Dear Mr Rajinikanth, First, accept my hearty greetings on your being conferred the Icon of the Golden Jubilee award of IFFI by the BJP government at the Centre. Of course, we are not treating this as an effort to paint you in saffron hue. Not that you wish it either.