Look who is running!

We have known Governments to be in the dock. Or on the mat, to use another manner of speech. But on the run? Honest, Honourable MSingh’s regime now has that rare distinction. Chased by an army of activists, an activist judiciary, an aggrieved army, alert auditors, agitated masses, an articulate middle class and an alarmist media, the Government of India has turned out to be the first fugitive. And it is also running from itself, knowing full well its own dark shadows will follow it to the finish. Continue Reading

Gifts galore!

‘Never test the tooth of a gift cow’, goes an old Tamil truism. The adage has an English parallel, similar almost to every syllable, save the subject of gift: ‘Do not look a gift horse in the mouth’. Such injunctions are inspired by considerations of courtesy and civility. The assumption is that a ‘gift’ being a voluntary ‘act or instance of giving’, does not involve a quid pro quo and therefore merits mute acceptance. Continue Reading