Cambodia to release official election results on Friday

Phnom Penh, Aug 2:  Official results of the July 23 general election iin Cambodia with the allocation of seats in the National Assembly will be announced on Friday, the country’s National Election Committee (NEC) announced on Tuesday. According to the NEC’s temporary results, the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) led by outgoing Prime Minister Hun Sen has won an overwhelming victory, reports Xinhua news agency. A total of 18 political parties contested the election, which was held once every five years to elect the members of parliament for the 125-seat National Assembly. The temporary results showed that the CPP won 6,398,311 votes out of a total of 7,774,276 valid votes, and the Funcinpec Party of Prince Norodom Chakravuth received 716,490 votes. Based on the NEC’s temporary results, the CPP had calculated that it had won 120 parliamentary seats, while the Funcinpec Party gained the remaining five seats. Hun Sen, who has served as the prime minister of Cambodia for more than 38 years, announced last week that he would step down on August 22 and transfer the reins of power to his eldest son Hun Manet. The 70-year-old leader said the newly-elected National Assembly will hold its first session on August 21, and a frest cabinet led by Hun Manet will be sworn in the next day. Hun Manet, 45, is currently a member of the CPP’s Standing Committee and a deputy commander-in-chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces.