Chennai PHC founder had steelar role in freedom struggle

Chennai: The locality of Mambalam in the city, that is well-known for the presence of shrines and other spiritual happenings, had also served as a happening ground during the freedom struggle, thanks to leaders like the MC Subramanyam (MCS), founder of Public Health Centre (PHC).

“He actively took part by organising several meetings with people in the area,” recalled TA Subramanian, a member of the PHC Managing Committee.

Subramanian who was closely associated with MCS noted that the latter was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and worked closely with leaders like Sathyamurthy, Sengalvarayan, Kamarajar and TT Krishnamachari, towards achieving freedom.

“He was also good at writing and drafted several thought-provoking speeches to be delivered at meetings organised by the then-Indian National Congress,” he said, adding, “It may be noted that MCS went on to draft the political resolution for the Congress government headed by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru during 1964.”

“He used to live at Neelakanta Iyer Street (now changed to Ramakrishnapuram First Street), where he used to meet his friends and planned for activities. He formed several groups of youngsters in the area who helped him logistically to distribute pamphlets and speeches of patriots door-to-door,” he stated.

Even after achieving freedom, MCS continued to work for the people around him, by starting the Public Health Centre in West Mambalam with the intention to provide affordable healthcare to the needy.

“It was set up in the space provided by the-then government headed by Kamarajar,” he noted.

Stating that his mentor was a ‘true Gandhian’, he said,”He believed in ahimsa and satyagaraha and fought in ways that the Mahatma would approve. Following his footsteps, we celebrate each Independence Day by hoisting the tri-colour flag atop our centre’s premises.”

Subramanian can be reached at 2489 3591.