IndianOil conducts fuel conservation awareness campaign

Chennai: Over 100 participants showed their culinary skills at fuelless cooking competition held as part of a month-long fuel conservation awareness campaign organised by IndianOil as a part of Saksham 2020 initiatives.
A press release said the participants including college students, house wives, professionals, school were judged by leading chefs in various categories starting from traditional sweets, snacks, salads, cocktails and desserts.
'IndianOil Conducted the competitions with the support of Duchess Club. The panel of experts judged the dishes on their taste, nutritional value, unique ingredients, presentation and hygiene,' the release added.
It further said IndianOil also organised a painting competition for school children of defined age groups on the theme of fuel conservation.
'Around 450 school students participated in the painting/drawing competitions and expressed the igniting ideas through various arts. A team of specially abled children also participated in the competitions,' the release added.  
IndianOil state head P Jayadevan appreciated the winners of competitions.