Professional life coach shares mantra on achieving goals in new book

Vivek S Ishwar’s book

Chennai: ‘Having goals, wanting to attain excellence, pursuing multiple aspects all at once are all critical to success. However, managing our internal state of being while going through this journey is far more important since it can make or break how we feel about our worldly accomplishments,’ writes professional life coach Vivek S Ishwar in his second book, ‘The Juggernaut Within – Eight tools to hack your mind and win your life’.

Success Tools
His book, in a nutshell, reflects on the adage: When the going gets tough, the tough get going. ‘‘Juggernaut Within‘ is like a continuation of my first book, ‘Walk the Wire’,’ says the author, speaking to News Today. ‘It talks about tools and hacks you can follow to overcome obstacles to achieve success in life.’ The author is also a qualified chartered accountant and finance professional.

Short & Sweet
There are dozens of self-help books in the market. What makes Vivek’s work different? ‘People have told me that my style of writing is very easy to understand and that my book is never preachy,’ says the author. ‘I always try to simplify things. I make my message crisper, explain to the point and at the end of each chapter I add practical exercises for readers to follow. Most importantly, I keep my book very short.’ Keeping all such thoughts in his mind, Vivek believes that his book may perhaps be the right choice for millennials: his target audience.

Vivek recalls that words poured out of his head as he wrote his first book. However, for ‘Juggernaut Within’, it was a whole new ball game. After releasing ‘Walk the Wire‘, the writer embarked on a journey as a professional life coach and faced various challenges and opportunities. 

‘The research I had to put in for ‘Juggernaut Within’ were the practical hours of life coaching I did,’ he says. ‘Being new in this field, I did a lot of learning and absorbed many things.’ Vivek adds, ‘As I explored more on the concept of hacking mind to achieve success, I got to know that there is so much more and there are many things people can learn.’

The coach says he is grateful to his clients who entrusted in him to push open their lives for growth. ‘I read a lot of self-help books and it helped me realize that sharing our thoughts in an articulate manner matters a lot,’ Vivek added,  ‘The main goal should be to make readers take decisive action.’

Coaching a coach
Vivek shares nuggets on becoming a life coach. ‘I think listening is one of important things,’ he said firmly. ‘Understanding your client’s issue matters a lot. As the session progresses, coaches are bound to identify varied behavioral patterns of their clients which blocks them from giving out their best. It is essential to tell them that.’  The coach also advised to get into a niche and focus on it. ‘I have a set of expectations from my clients whose set of problems I can help them solve,’ he says. ‘It’s always better to know what kind of issues you can solve.’

Vivek is also quick to point out the stigma that surrounds people seeking experts to guide them surge through the treacherous waves of mental health. Naturally, the coach believes in shunning this collective perspective. ‘I try to make their experience seamless, comfortable and conversational,’ he says. 

What does it take to become a life coach? ‘You need to know your objective as you step in this field,’ Vivek says. ‘I have asked myself questions like if I aim to be the best life coach. The answer is no but I do aim to add value to lives of people around me.’ Vivek vouches on the idea of creating big goals and use multiple avenues to reach it. ‘I am not just focused on one-on-one life coaching but I also have my eyes set on writing books, blogs, conducting workshops and seminars,’ he signs off. 

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