Police adopt Porur government school

Provide 100 chairs, tables, repair damaged compound wall

Chennai, Mar 6: ”Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.” they say. A group of policemen in Porur, who knew this well, adopted a government school recently and renewed all the furniture and classrooms.

The residents of Porur congratulated the efforts taken by the policemen along with other NGO volunteers for changing a government school just like a private school, by installing all the essential amenities. The grand event of submission of the newly-furbished school took place recently.

The chairs and tables of this school were broken and most of them were not in good condition to use. However, the school’s headmaster continued to request the NGO volunteers to help develop the school’s atmosphere. Recently, the Porur policemen came to know the situation of the school. They adopted the school and spread across the news to the NGO volunteers.

Everyone together donated nearly 100 chairs and tables to 13 classrooms. Also, they repaired the damaged the compound walls and painted them all new. By the roadside, the volunteers installed electric lamps, and CCTVs. Speaking about this noble gesture, a resident here said, ”A school should be designed in such a way it should create a positive vibe among the students to enable the interest in them to study. But, sadly, most of the government schools lack basic amenities and Porur government school is one of them. Especially, the Porur Girls’ Government School here, did not have a good toilet facility. Now, it is happy to hear that the school got all the basic amenities.”

Moreover, the people unanimously request the government to effectively act over upgrading the infra of the government schools. ”If these schools are maintained in a good way, no parents will blindly admit their children into other private schools that consider education as a business.” said Abdul, an angry resident of Porur.

”I feel delighted to see the new version of our school. The newly-erected electric lamps and CCTVs will stop the culprits from involving in any immoral activities in our school campus. The volunteers also impart to us the importance of education. All these acts, motivates us a lot.” said a student in this school.

The NGO volunteers along with giving a fresh look to the school distributed new notebooks to them. The teachers and students thanked the volunteers for their initiation.

By appreciating the act, the residents also requested the local associations should gear up and contribute saplings and notebooks to the students in government school. They also pointed out that such contribution will motivate the parents to enroll their children in schools.