Teynampet, Anna Nagar top Chennai’s coronavirus toll

Chennai: With an increased recovery rate, as per Greater Chennai Corporation reports, the spread of Covid-19 has stabilised in the city with fewer cases being reported each day.

The morning the number of coronavirus cases reached a mark of 10,879. The death toll in the city is 2,942 and the highest number of lives were claimed in Teynampet with 396 persons succumbing to the virus.

The second highest casualty rate is in Anna Nagar with 332 lives being claimed by the viral infection. The city has recorded 1,46,593 cases, of which, 1,32,772 have recovered. As part of rapid testing, on 11 September, as many as 12,626 persons were tested for coronavirus.

The Chennai Corporation gave an area-wise break-up of the places which have high numbers of Covid-19.

According to the data, Anna Nagar, a containment zone has 1,084 persons contracting the virus, Kodambakkam has close to 1,171 cases. Only these two areas have more than 1,000 cases.

Other places with comparatively high numbers are, Ambattur with 826 active cases, Valsaravakkam recording 931 active cases, Adyar with 829 cases, Teynampet has 872 active cases and 861 cases in Royapuram. In Anna Nagar, as many as 15,093 persons have recovered.

The pandemic has affected more men than women. As per data, 61.60 per cent of the patients are male and 38.40 per cent are female. Around 18.33 per cent of those contracting the virus is from the age group of 50-59 years.