Get a sneak peek into what the new ‘Bigg Boss’ house is all about

Chennai: Believe me, there is Rajinikanth inside Bigg Boss house this season. Yes, a huge portrait of the superstar from the recently-released Petta finds place in the drawing room of the house alongside Virumandi Kamal Haasan, where all action begins 23 June.

To be hosted by Kamal Haasan, the show, conceived by Endemol, will be aired on Vijay TV for next 100-odd days. And even before the final 15 celebrities enter the house, a section of the media was taken in for a 24-hour stay.

News Today was part of the squad. It was all real — more like highlights of 100 days that contestants would spend, compressed into a single day. No cellphones, tasks to be done, elimination and more.

For those who are familiar with the show that had its share of joys and controversies, the third season is sure to provide excitement.


As you walk inside the huge house at EVP Studios on Chennai-Bengaluru Highway, a sliding door opens and leads you inside it. On the left is a swimming pool, walls on the open area in the front are painted with pictures of temples, shandy and busy stretches in villages. An artificial lush and green lawn catches your eye. As you reach the door watch out for the prison on the right. It had its share of troubles last season. A welcome addition may be a small attached toilet inside the cell with a clay water pot. And this open area may have not less than a dozen cameras that capture every second of your movement.


As you step into the house, get ready to be greeted by an ‘angry young man hanging on the wall’ with a sickle, ready to pounce on you. May be a ‘warm’ welcome. Walls are painted colourfully and aesthetically with wonderful lighting all through the house. Walk a little further you are welcomed by moustachioed Kamal Haasan from Virumandi beautifully painted on the wall smiling happily at you. And on the left, walls adorned with artistic works of traditional art forms of Tamilnadu – Bharatham to bomallattam and more. And walk a few metres inside, there is Petta Rajinikanth getting ready to take on baddies sitting at ease on an easy chair.


The last two seasons saw a lengthy kitchen area where plenty of action happened. This time it is a little more long and resembles a pantry. It is attached to a huge van with blinkers and indicators on. And the drawing room where contestants gather to listen to Kamal Haasan every weekend through television is the most eye-catching place in the house. With yellow background, the wall around the television has been designed well. A circular dining table is the latest addition.


The most attractive of all the works in the house is a huge portrait of Ravana, the demon king with 10 heads painted in the most colourful way and the doors that lead the contestant to confession room are designed in the shape of a demon’s mouth. The bedrooms are not only painted aesthetically but the soft lighting is sure to keep contestants in good spirits.


Water conservation may be the theme in designing the space before bathrooms. The mirrors there are designed in the form of a Metro tanker with iron valves instead of traditional taps. May be an idea to save water and prevent waste.


The media team had plenty of tasks to do and they were all interesting and engaging. After a day’s stay, we walked out with our hearts beating in joy to have experienced everything even before the real game began. But our mind was saying, ‘”100 naal romba kashtam pa.”