Winning Kamal’s pat was like getting national award: Vikram

Chennai: “To be appreciated by Kamal Haasan as the most stylish actor was like receiving 10 National awards,” says actor Vikram.

Kadaram Kondan (KK) starring Vikram, Abhi Haasan and Akshara Haasan is bankrolled by Kamal’s Rajkamal Films Internationals. Directed by Rajesh M Selva, the movie hits the screens 19 July.

Speaking to News Today, Vikram says, “KK is an action-packed entertainer. The whole story happens in a day. It is intense and engaging.”

Excerpts from his interview:

Q: Tell us about your character in Kadaram Kondan?
A: It is a grey character and is neither positive nor negative. The whole story unfolds in a day in Malaysia. It is fast and driven by incidents. We added few commercial elements in my look, performance and action scenes. Remember that I speak less and emote more.

Q: Tell us how did you arrive at this look for KK?
A: I was very conscious about how I should look in the movie. Wanted it to be different and iconic. I did a lot of exercise to stay fit. Even before we began 55 days of shoot, I hit the gym hard.

Q: Will you continue to appear in salt and pepper look?
A: The character demanded me to appear so. It was my decision to appear in that look in KK. I was confident that watching me in this get-up people will get a shock. They will understand the seriousness of my role.

Q: Heard that your character was written keeping Kamal Haasan in mind.
A: It was a pleasure to do the character. I was his fan since childhood. I watched all his movies then. His acting created an urge in me to take up cinema.

Q: How was it to act with youngsters like Abhi Haasan and Akshara Haasan?
A: Generally, I don’t interfere in others’ performance. Abhi was like a brother to me. We had a comfortable relationship. He is Nasser’s son and he would do well. He suited the character well and so was Akshara.

Q: Are you doing a movie in Hollywood?
A: I was approached to do a film with Keanu Reeves. The role wasn’t good. Remember Amitabh acted in The Great Gatsby but appeared for just a couple of scenes. One should understand that Hollywood is seeing India as their biggest market and they want to cast Indians in their films to capitalise on the market here. We have to chose the offers carefully.

Q: What are your forthcoming films?
A: Due to some date problems, Mahavir Karna is pushed to a later date. I will be working in Ajay Gnanamuthu’s film next. Soon my shooting for Mani Ratnam’s mega project will begin.