Brave elderly couple from Kadayam to be honoured on I-Day by TN

File photo of the couple.

Chennai: During Independence Day celebrations in Chennai, the State government will honour Shanmugavel and Senthamarai, the elderly couple from Tirunelveli who bravely fought two armed robbers Sunday, 11 August.

Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami will give an award to the couple during the event, say reports.

Two masked robbers, carrying machetes, tried to strangle Shanmugavel (72), a wholesale lemon dealer, while he was sitting outside their house near Kadayam, in Tirunelveli district, around 10 pm Sunday.

On hearing a noise, Senthamarai came rushing to his rescue. She began hurling everything she could lay her hands on, like buckets, slippers and plastic chairs.

This gave time for Shanmugavel to free himself and join the attack against the two armed men. The couple waged the battle against the criminals for a few minutes, forcing them to flee.

Grab of the video that went viral.

The Kadayam police, who were informed, said Senthamarai suffered a cut on her right hand in the attack and her 4-sovereign gold chain was snatched by the robbers.

The video of the couple valiantly fighting off the robbers went viral since Monday and was the talk of the State.

It is said after two burglaries in three years, Shanmugavel fitted 14 CCTV cameras around the house situated at the entrance of his farm.

Police investigations are on to trace the culprits. Now their brave deed has caught the attention of the government.

NT Bureau