‘Maragatha Kaadu’ explores tribal & non-tribal life

With a plot that wants to show the difference between tribal life and non-tribal life, debut Director Mangaleswaran is ready with his ‘Maragatha Kaadu’ starring, Ajay , Raanchana, Eliyas Kathavan, Bava Lakshmanan, Ramachandran, and J P Mohan.

The movie is produced by R R Films.

“This film speaks about the destruction of forests for paving the way to expand the civil area. While the true life of tribes who depend on forest for their livelihood are being exploited,” said the director.

Further he said that there was no artificial lighting used while shooting and the entire movie was shot at Kerala-Tamilnadu border forest area no plastic material was utilised and thus the film promotes the significance of nature.

The film’s crew comprises of cinematographer Natchathra Prakash, music director Jey Prakas, and editor V J Sabu Joseph. It is likely to hit screens on 28 September.