Sneak your way with sneakers

Posted on   11:37 am

Sneakers are preferred a lot by young men as it gives a cool dude vibe but at the same time gives a man the look that speaks of class and style. Here’s a simple guide for you to nail your personality with a sneaker.

Tigress Avni starved for 4-5 days: Necropsy report

Posted on   11:32 am

Tigress Avni died due to excessive internal haemorrhage and cardio-respiratory failure and her stomach and intestines were filled with fluid and gas, indicating she had not hunted or eaten for 4-5 days, according to a provisional necropsy report.

Chennai Khandani Rajdhani restaurant has amazing spread

Posted on   11:10 am

If you are up for some vegetarian fare, but bored with the usual idli-vada sambar or naan and paneer butter masala, then you must certainly give Khandani Rajdhani a try. The restaurant, located at Phoenix Mall, Velacheri, brings you authentic Gujarati and traditional Rajasthani cuisines.