One more movie on North Chennai

Posted on   5:09 pm

“I did my bit of research on the lifestyle of gangsters of North Chennai and how they are misused by our politicians forms the crux. Sharp’ is a colloquial word used by the people of North Chennai and I felt it would be an apt title for my film.”

Tabu to act in a Telugu movie

Posted on   5:03 pm

“Welcome aboard to the most versatile actress of our generation #Tabu garu to #AA19 team,” the tweet read, which also posted a video from the film’s set, showing the actor going through the script. The cast also includes Navdeep, Sushanth, Jayaram, Sathyaraj and Sunil.

‘Taana’ is Vaibhav’s hilarious venture

Posted on   4:48 pm

Actor Vaibhav is currently busy with several projects including Taana. The teaser of the movie was out recently. The film revolves around Vaibhav who hails from a family who have a heritage of being associated with the police department. The film has action, romance and comedy.

A1 is thorough entertainer: Santhanam

Posted on   4:38 pm

“Finding a proper release has become a big process these days. We were asked to postpone our film for Avengers, IPL and on top of it, they are saying that it’s month-end so the collections will be affected. The problem is that my producer Raj has borrowed money from financiers so the interest rate will increase. We can’t hold our release date after a point of time. We are releasing A1 on 26 July”

Delphix launches R&D centre in Noida, names country head

Posted on   4:33 pm

The research and development centre located in Noida, Delhi NCR, will play a key role in the expansion of the Delphix DataOps platform, which is quickly becoming a staple for Fortune 1000 companies that use it to accelerate application development for business-critical….