‘Authentic Power and Greatness’ provides wisdom, tips for happiness

Joseph Rodarick Law

Chennai: At a time when people are seeking happiness out of materialistic wealth and chasing them, the ‘real’ happiness is forgotten. Spiritual awakening is most often linked with religious association and it need not necessarily be the case. Similarly, we get lost in the ocean of wants and desires while we try to find the purpose of life. Here is Joseph Rodarick Law’s title Authentic Power and Greatness helps us see through spiritual wisdom during modern times.

According to the author, spiritual awakening uplifts and empowers one with a greater purpose and alignment with their values. No matter how one’s career manifests itself in an outward form, it is about creating something of value to serve and add value to the lives of others.

“My new book is about helping people achieve and fulfill life’s destiny and purpose. I want to help readers seek solutions to many problems they have in life,” he tells News Today.

Although the author had envisioned of how his book had to be, he reveals that certain things went beyond his control and later everything fell in place.

“I conducted extensive research about the kind of book I wanted to create and reviewed hundreds of authors, designed over 500 questions with different themes, and interviewed many world-class thinkers and leaders,” Joseph tells about the background work.

In his book, Joseph writes, “What lies behind you and what lies before you is nothing when compared to what lies within you” and calls it a timeless wisdom.

Explaining it, he adds, “In today’s world, we think too much about our regrets and glory in the past and have too much concern for the future. When we are too occupied in everyday mundane affairs about how to make a living or maintain a certain lifestyle, we miss out on the greater part of living, that is to ‘know thyself’ and develop one’s potential in alignment with a greater purpose. Ultimately, it’s not an outward journey, but an inward one of self-actualisation.”

The book is in the format of interviews with 10 prominent, diverse personalities across the world, including Jack Canfield, creater and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Edward de Bono, international leading thinker and author of Six Thinking Hats.

“As I wrote the book, and through the interactions, it was also a process of inner discovery and refinement for oneself, as we all seek to expand upon and redefine the self,” Joseph, who is also an entrepreneur and investor, adds.

Before concluding, he speaks about being content and believes that world peace begins with individual inner peace.

“As we make peace with ourselves through a deeper understanding of our mind and heart, we become more loving, compassionate and wise. As the collective consciousness is raised, we will be more harmonious and peaceful with each other through love, respect and understanding. My hope for a better world remains, but the true key to alchemy is transformation of our heart and mind,” the author suggests.