Strict rules should be in place to control coronavirus: Modi

Chennai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said strict rules should be in place to control the spread of Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

Addressing the people, he said, timely imposition of lockdown and other decisions have saved lakhs of lives. “But we have also seen that since Unlock-One, there is increasing negligence in personal and social behaviour.”

“Earlier, we were very careful with respect to wearing of masks, social distancing and washing of hands for 20 seconds. But today, when we need to be more careful, increasing negligence is a cause of worry,” he added.

He said rules were followed very strictly during the Lockdown. “Now governments, local bodies, citizens, need to show similar alertness. Especially, we need to focus more on containment zones. Those not following the rules will need to be stopped and cautioned,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister said: “You must have seen in the news, Prime Minister of a country was fined Rs 13,000 for not wearing a mask in public place. In India too, the local administration should work with the same enthusiasm. This is a drive to protect the lives of 130 crore countrymen Be it a village chief or the Prime Minister, no one is above the law in India.”