Devotees want HR&CE dept to act against Karuppar Kootam YouTube channel

Chennai: Major temples in Tamilnadu are controlled by HR & CE department. When Lord Muruga was defamed, they should have come forward and filed cases, say devotees.

Recently, a YouTube channel, Karuppar Koottam uploadedd a malicious content on the sacred hymns of Kanda Sashti Kavasam. Cases were filed by the Tamilnadu unit of BJP and Hindu outfits. Police arrested one person while presenter of the channel Surendra Natarajan surrendered to police. Their office in Chennai was sealed.

Speaking to News Today, Chandrasekhar, a spiritualist in Nanganallur, says, “All the six abodes of Lord Muruga in Tamilnadu are managed by HR&CE department. They organise festivals there. They take away the income from these temples. So when Lord Muruga is denigrated, they should voluntarily file cases against such acts”.

Former Mylapore MLA and dramatist, S Ve Shekher says,”When HR&CE collects money from devotees through hundials, they are accountable to respect their faiths. The department should have taken action straightaway”.

He further questioned the silence of several major political parties in not condemning the blasphemous attack on Kanda Sashti Kavasam. It shows what their intentions are.

Jayam S Gopi, who recently floated a Hindu party, said, “the Chief Minister and three Cabinet Ministers have condemned attack on Kanda Sashti Kavasam late, we can welcome it.”

“There is an urgent need for unity among Hindus. Mere arrest of members of Karuppar Koottam is nit a solution. They should be punished severely,” he said.