Cricketer escapes jail after stalking ex-girlfriend

London: A professional cricketer managed to escape jail even after he started stalking his ex-girlfriend, who was secretly into the adult modelling industry. 38-year-old Grant Hodnett even sent her derogatory messages and even went to the extent of sending 20 erotic photos to her father, according to Daily Mail.

The former Gloucestershire batsman branded his ex a ‘liar and a psychopath’ to friends, family, customers and employers but defended his stance in the Warrington Magistrates’ Court by stating that she was ‘at risk’, ‘needed help’ had resorted to these ways in order to protect her.

The cricketer and his ex-girlfriend also had a serious argument after Hodnett came to know about her secret career and it led to their breakup.

Daily Mail reported that Prosecutor Lucy Fitch-Adams told the court how the complainant was called into the office of the charity shop where she worked after Hodnett sent them a brown envelope. The sportsman born in South Africa “came perilously close to custody” but avoided jail because of his previous good character, added the Daily Mail.