Editorial: Truth alone triumphs

Justice N V Ramana, the seniormost judge of the Supreme Court, has made some important observations which should be taken note of by the entire legal fraternity.

He said the greatest strength of the judiciary is the faith of people in it and judges must be steadfast in holding on to their principles and fearless in their decisions to withstand all pressures and odds.

He said this while speaking at a condolence meet on Saturday for former Supreme Court judge AR Lakshmanan from Tamilnadu, who passed away on 27 August.

Faith, confidence and acceptability cannot be commanded, they have to be earned, he said and added that there are innumerable qualities that a person needs to live what can be called a good life: humility, patience, kindness, a strong work ethic and the enthusiasm to constantly learn and improve oneself.

Most importantly, particularly for a judge, one must be steadfast in holding on to their principles and fearless in their decisions. It is an important quality for a judge to withstand all pressures and odds and to stand up bravely against all obstacles, he said.

Paying tributes to the former judge, Justice Ramana said, We should all take inspiration from his words and should strive to commit a vibrant and independent judiciary which is required in the current times. He said his belief is that Justice Lakshmanan epitomised all the required qualities of being one of the best judges the country has seen.

“Our values are ultimately our greatest wealth, and we must never forget the same and added that Justice Lakshmanan wore his values on his sleeves and he has learnt immensely from him about being a good person and a judge,” he said. Points to ponder and values to follow.