Review: Kadambari

Debutant filmmaker Arul has produced and enacted the lead in horror thriller Kadambari. The adventures a gang goes through in a bungalow in a deep forest makes up the story.

The cast includes Kaashima Rafi, Sarjun, Ninmy, Poositha,Maharajan and Beemsing.

Parul along with his friends decides to make a documentary and sets put to a jungle. They are forced to stay at a desolated bungalow there after their car gets struck. They see everything different there. They find a young girl locked inside a box. They retrieve her from it. This leads to lot of troubles. How they overcome it forms the crux.

Unlike cliched horror tales, Kadambari has scenes that would bring audience to tbe edge of their seats. 

There are enough horror elements. Arul play his part well and so is Kashima. All the other artistes have given their best. Poositha who plays the kid has done her part exceedingly well. VTK Udhayan’s camera captures events inside a house well, while Prithvi adds strength with his background score. Arul deserves special mention for a decent job.