Typhoon Doksuri lashes Philippines

Typoon ‘Doksuri’ caused widespread floods and landslides on Wednesday, killing at least one person in Philippines, CNN reported citing the authorities. Two people were injured as well. According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, Typhoon Doksuri, also known as Egay in the Philippines, has caused flooding in five different provinces and more than a dozen landslides brought on by rain. The deceased and the injured were located in the northern and central regions of Calabarzon and Western Visayas, according to the authorities. According to Pagasa, the Philippine weather service, the storm made ashore around 3:10 a.m. local time (3:10 p.m. ET) close to remote northern Fuga Island. Doksuri landed with winds of roughly 220 kilometres per hour (140 mph), which is equivalent to a category 4 Atlantic hurricane, although having lost some of its super typhoon intensity, as per the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre, The largest and most populous island in the Philippines, Luzon, was predicted to experience violent and life-threatening circumstances as torrential rains ravaged the nation, reported CNN. Local governments started evacuating some residents of the storm’s path on Tuesday in preparation for winds of up to 200 kph (124 mph). By Tuesday evening, according to the governor of the province of Cagayan, which closed its offices and suspended classes, more than 12,000 residents had left coastal and mountain villages. As per CNN, Taiwan postponed some of its annual military exercises on Tuesday due to the typhoon as it prepared for what may be the worst storm to hit the autonomous island in four years. Although Taiwan and China are preparing for the possibility of significant rains and severe winds, the typhoon is predicted to decrease as it moves towards the northwest.