Stalin slams BJP for ‘diverting’ real issues

Hitting out at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for creating an issue out of the ‘Sanatan Dharma’ remark by Tamil Nadu Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin, Chief Minister and DMK leader MK Stalin termed the party as “expert in diverting real issues”. In a letter to the DMK party cadre, CM Stalin also requested them to understand the BJP’s “motive” and not deviate from real issues. “Add power to INDIA alliance by speaking more about the corruption of the BJP government, State Autonomy, Anti Democracy activities, Anti State Rights, and hate politics of the BJP. Understand the BJP’s motive and break their lies. People know that the BJP is an expert in diverting the small issues with bad intentions from the real issues with the help of the media,” the chief minister said in his letter to the party cadre. He further took a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said his cabinet focuses on Santan Dharma by spreading “false narratives” while the PM remains “silent on issues affecting the common man”. “While the Prime Minister remains silent on everyday issues impacting the common man, his cabinet focuses on #SanatanaDharma by spreading false narratives and fuelling them with support from a few media outlets. PM Modi never opens his mouth about any problems in the country,” Stalin said. CM Stalin also alleged that the Sanatan Dharma topic was turned into an issue to confuse people and “hide the failures” of the BJP. “Some or the other minister is speaking something randomly on Sanatan Dharma every day which is being turned into a topic for debate to confuse people and hide the failures of the BJP. We should not let them get away with these tactics,” he said. Further, the DMK leader said, “I urge our DMK leaders and cadre not to react to such diversion tactics and to continue posing questions to the BJP on #ManipurViolence, #AdaniHindenburg, a whopping 7.50 lakh crore rupees flagged in the #CAGreport, and other