Edsix Brainlab launches puzzle-based cognitive learning apps

Chennai: Chennai based startup, Edsix Brainlab has launched puzzle-based cognitive development through its cognitive learning programme for schools called SkillAngels. For children with learning difficulties, it has also launched a programme called BlessedAngel.

Speaking about the new launches founder and CEO of EdsixBrainlabs, Saravanan Sundaramurthy said, ‘SkillAngels is a comprehensive suite of games that promote puzzle-based learning. Children who have regular sessions with SkillAngels puzzles have shown remarkable improvement in their memory, creativity, logical reasoning, and analytical and problem-solving abilities. Students can take puzzle-based learning home now with our easy-to-use web or mobile app, Intelekts.’

The company claims that a ‘sensible screen time’ of 30 minutes of children getting personalised training using both SkillAngels and Intelekts programmes can help children develop at their own pace. The company says that the monitoring and analytics built into these products provide tangible proof of improvement in a child’s cognitive skills.

For children between age 3-6, Edsix Brainlab offers Kinder Angels that promotes cognitive development in children with toddler-friendly graphics and puzzles. For adults, the company also has Brainlab which offers a suite of apps for corporates and large organizations to keep their employee’s minds ‘active and agile’.

It says that cognitive skills are dulled in adulthood when the brain is not given new challenges. So, regular workouts for the brain are proven to keep adults sharp and efficient.

NT Bureau