Review: Kudimagan – Fight against liquor

Kudimagan is a film that throws light about the ill-effects of alcohol addiction. Written, directed and produced by Satheeshwaran, the movie features actor Jayakumar in the lead role as Kandhan while actress Jennifer acts as Kandhan’s wife, Chellakannu. Akash, Bava Chelladurai, Veera Samar, Bawa Lakshmanan are other stars who play vital roles.

The movie takes place in a village and revolves around the life of Kandhan whose life turns upside down after he becomes alcoholic, following the opening of a new wine shop. The film has a strong theme but the execution cold have been better.

With a promising start, the movie opens up with the usual drama that enfolds in any Tamil film that is centered in a village. Like, the drama revolving around Kandhan and his group of friends in the beginning which is coupled by simplistic humour and family issues. The movie takes a turn when a local Councillor manages to open a liquor shop.

Kandhan after every drunken encounter is found high and hallucinating on the road. He is brought home by his family and little boy (played by the seven-year-old alcohol activist, Akash). Once Kandhan comes back to his senses, he promises never to drink. But yet again he falls into the addiction and pressure from his other alcoholic friends who force him to have fun. And like a cycle, his alcoholic love-affair keeps repeating. After a point of time, towards the end of the movie, Chellakannu takes a drastic step to end the menace.

Though there are some flaws, yet the intention of the filmmaker should be appreciated. He has stayed away from commercial cliches to drive home a string message.

Mohammed Rayaan