ISRO inches close to Gaganyan success

Chennai: The Indian Space Research Organsiation (ISRO) has successfully conducted the third long duration hot test of the liquid propellant Vikas Engine for the core L110 liquid stage of the human rated GSLV MKIII vehicle, as part of the engine qualification requirements for the Gaganyaan Programme.

ISRO said the engine was fired for a duration of 240 seconds at the engine test facility of ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC), Mahendragiri in Tamilnadu.

The performance of the engine met the test objectives and the engine parameters were closely matching with the predictions during the entire duration of the test, ISRO said.

The first manned mission Gaganyaan was initially scheduled in 2022, but it was likely to be delayed due to the Covid pandemic. ISRO was planning to carry our two unmanned missions before launching the manned mission.


NT Bureau