Author who met DMK chief recounts experience

Chennai: Though M Karunanidhi was a politician and a revolutionary leader, at heart he was more of a poet and a writer.

In March, Palavakkam resident and writer Daisy Maran met him at his residence and witnessed Karunanidhi’s love for books and authors even when he could move, speak or hold a book.

The book ‘Kannagi Nagaram’ written by Daisy Maran is a spine chilling real life story of custodial torture.

Speaking to ‘News Today’ she says, “I have used the reference of Kannagi in my book. Karunanidhi has a lot of love and respect for the Kannagi statue in Marina. Everybody knows how he even protested against its removal from the Marina in 2002 and took efforts to bring it back. He called the statue the pride of Tamils. It was my dream to hand him a copy. ”

Her book which has a forward by crime writer Rajesh Kumar got rave reviews. But her dream was to hand over a copy to Karunanidhi.

However, it was not easy to get an appointment. She waited for a long time both outside and inside his house to meet him for 10 minutes.

“I went to his Gopalapuram residence using a media contact but was not allowed inside. Eventually, I said I was an author and gained entry. Apparently, authors were very much welcome to the house. This made me very happy. He could not understand anything of what I was saying. But when I stood next to him with a book to take a photo, he turned towards me and looked at the book. I realised the presence of the book evoked feelings in him. He was unable to hold the book and at this moment his wife Rajathi accepted the book and asked me about it.”

Daisy said she is a native of Thanjavur and Karunanidhi, from Tiruvarur, and this connect had an impact on her life.

“After meeting him, I feel a deep sense of loss. Nobody else from my family has met him even though we have loved his writings and work for the State.”